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Welcome to History and American Culture 367: American Indian History

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Course Information

Graded Assignments

Rubric for Essays

Rubric for Final Project



Weekly Syllabus


Week 1    An Introduction to the Problems, Issues, and Study of American Indian History

Week 2    Native North America and the Atlantic World

Week 3    The Native New World 

Week 4    The Middle Ground and French Colonization

Week 5    English and Spanish Colonization

Week 6    Resistance and Adaptation

Week 7    Confronting New Powers in Eastern North America

Week 8    Revitilization and Native Space

Week 9  American and American Indian Expansion

Week 10  The Western Frontier, part 1

Week 11  The Western Frontier, part 2

Week 12  Allotment, Assimilation, and Boarding Schools

Week 13  American Popular Culture and the Iconography of American Indians in the Twentieth Century

Week 14  American Indian Self-Determination, part 1

 Week 15 American Indian Self-Determination, part 2 


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